Will Portugal Be The Last Former Colonialist State To Restitute Looted African Artefacts? Belem Tower(Torre de Belém) from where the discovery journeys started. (3) ‘The truth is that there is an unstoppable process of return on course. Would the day come when African or Asian works now in Portugal take the return route?’ Visão. (1) As readers know, many European States and their museums have been discussing […]

Unlimited Inventiveness: Horniman Museum To Discuss Benin Artefacts With Nigerian And British Artists In London Chief Owangue, Benin, Nigeria, now in Horniman Museum, London, United Kingdom We, Europeans, who have received and transmitted and continue to transmit these objects, are on the side of the conquerors. To a certain extent, this is also a ‘heritage that weighs us down’. But there is no fatality. The good news is that in 2017 […]

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